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Interior design photographers in New Bern NC

Interior Design Photographers in New Bern NC

Interior design photographers in New Bern NC

If you are in need of high quality interior design photographers in New Bern NC for marketing, a real estate photographer may not be your best choice.

Interior Design Photographers in New Bern NC

When searching for photographers in New Bern NC, you will find some great options for portraits and wedding photography as well as real estate photography but what about your marketing needs? Our beautiful home of New Bern offers picture perfect moments around nearly every corner. It’s no wonder that there are plenty of professionals in the photography game here, but if you have serious marketing needs for an experienced commercial, editorial or interior design photographer you will not find a better option than HIP.

HIP is the local services of luxury hotel photographers Global Image Creation. Our 20 years of commercial experience with the world’s top rated hotels and interior designers makes us experts at image creation for marketing and the top choice for commercial photographers in New Bern NC.

about your interior design photography project in New Bern, North Carolina.

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The process of selecting the best professional photographer for your editorial, interior design and upscale vacation rentals can be confusing and at times intimidating. Your first notion might be to assume that a real estate photographer or DIY would be the best choice to capture interior images for your marketing, booking channels, awards submissions or editorial features. Photography is a visual language. Like spoken languages, each category has its own rules and style. In the same way that a Spanish interpreter is not your best choice for communicating in Japanese. A real estate photographer is skilled at quickly capturing the literal presence of a house but not the mood and nuance of an interior design. Check our this recent article if you are interested in the differences between real estate and interior design photography. HIP utilizes a full mobile studio lighting system and our global experience to communicate the mood and feel of your interior projects.

To illustrate this, we recently created a video series of surprise photoshoots called Secret Spotlight. In every episode we locate a worthy business that lovingly offers great service but could use a little help with their images. Once selected, we plan a secret photoshoot. Then we surprise the owner with the results.

In this New Bern episode we surprised our friends Paul and Laura with a secret photoshoot of their airBNB, replacing their DIY photos. Watch this episode to follow our journey as we capture the listing and explain some of the thinking behind an interior design photoshoot with lighting.

If you are interested in booking their New Bern NC airBNB we highly recommend it.

And if you are  looking for professional photographers in New Bern NC for your interior design marketing or vacation rental photography, we would like to work with you.