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Myrtle Beach Photographers for Interior Design and airBNB Photography

The Joy of The Surprise – Professional Interior Photography for airBNB Hosts and You

Professional Interior Photography for airBNB Hosts and You

One of the great joys of being a professional design interior photographer is in the moments where I get to collaborate with clients that are new to having their spaces captured with professional photography lighting. 

The Joy of The Surprise - Professional Interior Photography for airBNB Hosts and You

The Four Stages of First Time Interior Design Photography Client Delight

1. At first, they see all the lighting equipment being set up that the real estate photographers they hired in the past did not use.

2. Then the delight as they watch the first image pop up on the ipad and compare its vibrant clarity to their past attempts to capture their rooms. Sometimes we are reshooting the very same space because of their lack of satisfaction with the earlier attempts.

3. After that, their enthusiasm builds as they begin to participate in the shoot by previewing the image on the screen and making changes to the compositional elements or request lighting adjustments.

4. Finally there is excitement as they distribute the final images onto their marketing channels.

I say this not to boast about my professional photography services but to highlight the fact that many interior design professionals have resigned themselves to the idea that their spaces don’t photograph the way that those images in magazines do. It’s a similar misunderstanding that people have about not being photogenic, when in actuality they just haven’t had a great experience with a photographer yet. 

Episode 3 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Episode 2 – New Bern, North Carolina

Episode 1 – Carolina Beach, North Carolina

They don’t have the vocabulary or photography experience to seek out what they need. And why would they? They have dedicated their professional energy to their business, not photography. 

The joy of creating images that will have a real impact for my clients was the motivation to start this series of videos I call Secret Spotlight. 

In each episode I secretly photograph an airBNB listing then Surprise the hosts with the final images. Secret Spotlights allow me to give the owners the professional photography that they did not know how to ask for. 

Below are the first three episodes of Secret Spotlight. In each, you can witness the thought process of planning the shots. The actual shoot of the spaces and the rewarding moment where the owners see the results for the first time. 

With all of the hosts, the new photos in the listing appear to have aided in an increase to traffic and bookings. Not only did the owners observe this but airBNB’s own research supports the ability of professional photography to positively affect bookings and exposure. 

If you market your business with interior design photography, you can benefit from better photoshoots as well. How can we work together?

Episode 3 - Interior Photoshoot Surprise for a Myrtle Beach AirBNB Superhost

Episode 2 - New Bern, NC AirBNB Hosts Surprised with Interior Design Photoshoot

Episode 1 - AirBNB Superhost gets a Surprise Photoshoot from Luxury Hotel Photographer