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Interior Design and Commercial Editorial Photographer

HIP is an experienced interior design and commercial editorial photographer with lighting.

Interior Design and Commercial Editorial Photographer

HIP is a service of international luxury hotel photographer Global Image Creation with a singular mission. We create high quality commercial interior and editorial photography, with lighting.

Capturing interiors is a passion that we have been crafting for nearly 20 years. We are the choice commercial editorial photographer for interior designers, publications and some of the top luxury hotels in the world. Our experience has taught us that collaboration with our clients delivers the best results and photography lighting matters. That is why we forgo heavy post shoot editing and capture as much as possible in camera with photography lighting so YOU can see everything as we go?

Want to know more? Here are three powerful reasons why photography lighting matters for capturing your interior designs.

Kitchen Stove Detail - Nathan Taylor - Interior Design and Commercial Editorial Photographer

Photography Lighting Means Control

Photography, at its foundation, is the capture of light. So controlling the light that you are capturing ultimately gives you control over the image. By controlling the light we use to capture your spaces we also control the mood and style presented in your shots. Photography lighting can bring out the textures and colors in your designs. You can spotlight elements that you want to show off and can make other elements more subdued. We can even alter the time of day suggested in an image, turning a midday shoot into an evening look in-camera.

In this example image, our client needed to capture the covered porch with the lake view. On the day of the shoot the weather was cloudy and raining but photography lighting allows us to work around that. We adjusted the camera settings and added photography lighting to achieve a day to night photography effect completely in-camera in a single exposure.

Tap Image to See Without Photography Lighting


In-Camera Means You Can Edit in Real Time

When shooting interiors with you, we bring a mobile studio of lighting. We use it to light each and every scene required for your project. This means that we capture nearly every shot in a single frame, in-camera.

Why is this important? If you have ever commissioned photography in the past, you may have suffered through the process of squinting at the little screen on the back of a camera and then having your photographer instruct you on the many changes that will take place later in the editing process.

These changes might include heavy color corrections or merging multiple shots together to make a single image. Sometimes the results are not quite what you envisioned and you might be left with problems that it’s too late to fix.

When we capture in-camera, you can see what the final shots will look like on an ipad immediately. Because our photography lighting controls the bulk of the look and sets the mood, highlights and shadows, we can collaborate in real time. You can look at a screen and ask for changes on nearly every aspect of each image. When the shoot is over you will feel confident of exactly what you got from every shot.


Natural Light Rarely Looks Natural In-Camera

Your eyes capture and interpret light very differently than a camera. If you have ever tried to capture your spaces with your phone you have probably experienced this. The natural light in an interior is typically a mixture of different colors and intensities. Your eyes interpret all of this light thru your brain and alters what you see. Cameras do not have the same judgement to do this. You may have been successful photographing white and light colored sunlit rooms. While darker and more saturated color pallets in artificially lit rooms proved to be problematic. Within the scope of an entire house, you may also have found a lack of consistency in the look of your images.

Photography lighting is the solution to all of these challenges. We can work together to achieve your desired look for a project and then we can capture many different kinds of spaces with that consistent look. You can preview everything on an ipad as we shoot so there won’t be unwanted surprises when your final images are delivered.

Tap Image to See Without Photography Lighting